Monday, January 1, 2018

Unnoticeable Causes to Watch For That Can Lead to Hair Loss

"One of the first things people will tell you when you're trying to figure out why your hair is falling out is that it's because of your genetics. This seems like a logical answer, after all your parents may have lost their hair too.

The only problem with such an assumption is that it's not totally correct. Don't get it wrong, you can lose hair because of heredity. The only thing about heredity is that it has it's own place in hair loss and doesn't affect everyone.

There are some causes of hair loss that are somewhat ""hidden"" and ignored by those losing their hair. You should really pay attention to these things as they could very well be the reasons behind your thinning hair problem. For most of us we're on some type of medication from a doctor. These medications can have many adverse side effects too, with the loss of your hair being one of them.

Many medications that are used to treat gout, chemotherapy agents, and blood thinners are likely to cause hair fall. Even thyroid drugs can lead to a significant amount of baldness. So you should talk with your physician and ask if there are any possible chances your prescription medicine could be leading to this problem.

You probably take vitamins like most people and they are great for our bodies. However like the saying goes, too much of a good thing can also be harmful. Excess vitamin A will cause your hair to fall out very quickly. Only take the recommended daily dosage and you'll be on the safe side."


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